Biodanza in South Africa and the World!Why Biodanza?

Why Biodanza?

Because it is there, calling you to put your dreams in movement! When movements are integrated full off meaning, profound shifts can happen. The human personality is integral, mind and body are two names for the same reality. We have found a way to enhance life in the poetry of the human encounter. Give us a try. Marcelo Toro 2014

"The life of every person is at any time an act of creation and thus is on the brink of the extraordinary. Love itself is a creative expression of personality " Rolando Toro 1970

Biodanza in South Africa and the World

Biodanza has already had wonderful international success, with more than 4000 facilitators and 200 Schools all over the world. In South Africa we are around 60 Facilitators with two Schools and growing. Every day more people are taking the initiative and giving themselves the chance to improve the quality of their lives, creating the path betwen knowledge and experience. Just come and dance. Visit the International Biocentric Foundation Web site at and see.